Breaking free of the hamster wheel

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Hi Everyone,

We are Mr. Denmark and Ms. Canada and we are starting this blog to document our journey to financial independence. Meaning to break out of the eternal hamster wheel, as the title of this blog suggests.

What is the hamster wheel? Working at least 40 hours a week, for 40 years, until you go on pension around the age of 67.

The purpose of this blog is to share our experience, good and bad on this challenging journey.

As for us, we are a couple about to turn 30, who love to nerd out about data and personal finances. Ms. Canada worked in a bank for five years in Ontario while studying. Four years ago in 2017, she moved to Denmark to follow her research career in science. Mr. Denmark is a proper Northern Jutlander that first started making money on the side at the age of seven. He loves to mould data both at work and in his spare time.

Keen observers may have noticed that Mr. Denmark and Ms. Canada are not our real names. They are Søren and Emma, it’s not a secret. But we are using the pseudonyms in the posts for two reasons. First, a very practical reason. We have jobs and if seeking new employment we don’t want this being the first thing that pops up, we want it to be our work. Second, given that we are from different backgrounds, we often have very different viewpoints and experiences when it comes to lifestyle and money. We hope to use these different experiences and bring the best of both world to reaching our goals. And we hope that by using these pseudonyms it is a bit easier for others to recognize where our viewpoints are coming from when reading a post.

Alright, we have mentioned we want financial independence, but let’s make a more concrete goal:

We want to have built 5 million kroner in capital in five years.

Now we have written it down, there is no turning back!

The plan is to give some budgeting tips, talk about monthly challenges we have done, provides some informational finance calculators and other thoughts during this journey.

Thanks for visiting our page and we hope you find something you like

– Mr. Denmark and Ms. Canada