About us

We are Søren and Emma, writing as Mr. Denmark and Ms. Canada. Emma worked in a bank for five years in Ontario while studying. Four years ago in 2017, she moved to Denmark to follow her research career in science. Søren is a proper Northern Jutlander that first started making money on the side at the age of seven. He loves to mould data both at work and in his spare time.

It is 2021, we are nearing the end of a pandemic and the uncertainty of the past few years has inspired us to seek financial independence. We are almost 30 and our goal is to have built 5 million kroner in capital in 5 years (when we are turning 35).

While we do not aim to retire on this amount, we want to be independent from the hamster wheel of working 40 hours a week until we are 67 and have the option to take time to pursue other interests if we choose. With our busy work schedules, it is hard to find time for things we enjoy like baking, reading and running. We are a couple who love to nerd out about data and would love to find time to start a project together.

There are a lot of blogs out there on financial independence and the FIRE movement. We found that most are from people in the United States and often from people starting very young in their early 20s. Therefore, we want to document our journey starting a bit later, not planning to actually retire and doing this in Denmark where the financial situation is completely different than North America. We are doing this for our own motivation and to share a (hopefully) positive story that might inspire you in reaching your financial goals.

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